The newly updated 2017 Kids Club logo for the Detroit Lions.

Brian McShane created the Detroit Culinary Mushroom Company in 2012 and asked me to design him a logo. Intrigued by Brian's ingenuity, I asked a series of questions aiming towards understanding his company's values and mission. We created a few different drafts but eventually we found our logo and Brian has been satisfied ever since. 

I had the idea one morning to create a Halloween looking Lions logo. I was afraid that higher ups wouldn't be interested because I was making changes to the logo but they loved it and we published it!

The Keepers of the Shiawassee in Fenton, Michigan created an annual volunteer event to help clean up the Shiawassee River as well as raise funds and awareness for the cause. It was a great way to reconnect with the town I grew up in and help benefit the river I so often kayaked on as a kid. 

A logo requested from the corporate partnerships department of the Detroit Lions sponsored by Ford.

Dan McLean, Associate AD of Donor Development, asked for help creating a logo for the Oak Society, a donor society aimed at soliciting funds for Eastern Michigan University's baseball program. Named after baseball legend Ron Oestrike, notice how the logo incorporates the trademark baseball 'swish E', the great lakes, an eagle, and a Huron feather referencing Eastern Michigan's prior name as the EMU Hurons.